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11 July,2017
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11 July,2017

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TUBESCA- COMABI solutions daccs en hauteur Pourteau’s experience Pourteau a brandname of Tubesca- patterns, assembles remedies for entry and work on peak in airplane sector Main core companies and manufactures: Original Equipment Manufacturer plane assembly lines Airplane lighting and heavy maintenance of Safety at airways and Change centers, Preservation Repair, airports, and Ministries. Access options for many airplane sorts in most nations. Committed or multiple-aircraft clean you mac intent method. Commuter plane ATR 42/72: France, Morocco, French Polynesia, Denmark, Thailand, Portugal, Algeria, Italy, New Caledonia Embraer EMB 170-190: Italy, Bulgaria Dash 8Q-200 300-400: Austria, Italy Canadair Regional Fly/CRJ 100-200-700: Portugal, Italy, Sweden Fokker: England, Austria Organization Planes Falcon 10, 20, 50, 900, 7X. Italy Narrow-Body airplane A320-B737: Italy, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Tunisia, Morocco, Australia, Japan, Bulgaria, US, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, Bahrain, New Zealand T 757 Bahrain, Spain, New Zealand MD80/MD-90: Spain, Saudi Arabia Wide Body plane A300/310: US, Italy, China, Senegal, Qatar, England, A330/A340: Europe, New Zealand, Spain, France, Mauritius, Singapore, Israel, Qatar, Lebanon, England, Algeria, French Polynesia, Ethiopia B747: Italy, Qatar B767: Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Japan B777: Saudi Arabia, England, Ethiopia, Angola, Japan B787: Newzealand, Ethiopia A380: England MD11//DC 10: Saudi Arabia, France A350: Ethiopia Aircraft Awacs FR: France Rafale Mirage 2000: Portugal C130 Hercules D-160 Transall: France Casa 235 Breguet Atlantic ATL2: France Chopper B206: Italy B212/ B412. United Arab Emirates, France, UK. Sikorsky Black Hawk: NATO S76. England Augusta Westland AW109/119:Italy, Oman AW139: Abu Dhabi, Duba, Macau, Italy, Us, Malaysia AW139/169/189: Duba AW129/149, EH101, HH3F: Italy NH90: Croatia, France, Sweden Your Accomplishments

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