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Fastick Egypt

Yasser Anan “manager of fastick group”: Max call center system and customer relation management CRM revived our stagnant products


Mr. Momen Nada: Call recording system is an essential control and follow-up tool for senior management. Senior managers increase adoption of main telecom products towards customer-related decisions

Ministry of Interior

Brigade Ahmed Gibrel Director of operations in the Interior Ministry: Evaluating the performance of the delegates of rescue is an important factor in providing the best services


Madiha A. Hassan (Certified Lead Appraiser DEV & SVC) said that Main Telecom Has some Global Strengths:

Management support for process improvement as a tool for growth and outstanding.

Using Automated Tool for work flows with the most advanced technology.

Strong belief in the strategy of “starting simple” and adding more advanced practices as they learn and grow.

Possibility to easily add more process areas in capability level 2