Up to 80% Better Customer Care Efficiency!

Popular Features
  • Interactive user interface on website, mobile app, Messenger & WhatsApp

  • AI powered search to find products or services based on data from catalog

  • Rich media including cards, articles, pictures, videos

  • Arabic and English dialects

  • Identity verification using Whatsapp Number, SMS,Facebook account, OTP, etc..

  • Answer for simple inquires

  • Self raise requests and tickets

Drive engagements
  • Acquire new customers

  • Scan and start conversation in any channel

  • Share QR code with your friends to get free consultation

  • Services short-cuts

  • Scan to get product

  • Scan to send feedback

  • Scan to get an offer

Helping you focus on what matters!

Omnichannel and AI powered customer care technology that helps your business thrive by enabling meaningful, rewarding, and effective engagement with your customers across digital platforms.

Multi-channel customer outreach capabilities

  • Any channel with push notification enabled

  • Programmable Policy related notifications

  • Programmable marketing campaigns to promote new offers and services

ZERO software installation required at patient side

  • Can be embedded into any website, or mobile application

  • Works on smartphones or computer

  • Supports all operating systems

Drives engagement and offers instant support

  • Easy to embed on any website

  • Offers instant support and answers

  • Actively engages visitors if AI detects they need help

  • Customizable themes

Need a personalized solution?

We are always developing our products and services to meet all business requirements and aspects.