CUBEX Contact Center, designed for Middle eastern demands, integrated with most popular ERP platforms, armed with powerful tools to increase sales productivity, enhance internal processes, maximize customer satisfaction, enhance customer loyalty, and guide informed decisions.

Customer Inteactions

Contact Center, Interaction management, Call distribution, and Recording, enhances internal operations, maximize productivity & customer loyalty

Self Service, IVR automation and circulation of information, powered by Text To Speech, Automatic Speech Recognition, and analytics technologies

Upgrades performance, removes wasted time, for dialing, and waiting called party status, automates broadcasting, and outbound campaigns.

Performance Indicators

Immediate Corrective Actions, instant monitoring, reporting, and coaching your teams, daily activities will turn new opportunities

DLNA Wall Boards, Displays projects progress & performance Indicators, results highlighting & enable immediate corrective actions

Real time Analytics, gives instant analysis , simplifies follow up, immediate corrective actions, and evaluations. Works as backup, and data mine.

Customer Management

Smarter Sales Guide to help you close more deals, save time, better collaboration, and adopt best practices Follow up opportunity stages, and sales lifecycle

Identify new markets to target with campaigns at various stages along the marketing funnel. Bring Inquiries from Web site or Social media as Leads, and run a targeted marketing campaign

Enables suitable support organization,Handles skill sets,projects & workforce management,company data, understanding of targets and priorities

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