Customer Portal

Customer Portal
Give your customers access to Vtiger’s private customer portal - a place for them to see their history with you, to share files, and to seek assistance. The portal shows them selected Vtiger records such as opportunities and contacts, lets them download quotes and invoices, share files, and submit, view, and update cases, as well as providing access to a knowledge base for quick answers to questions.
1. Your relationship history at a glance
The customer portal shows logged in customers elements of their relationship history with you. You can choose to let them see things like the status of recent tickets they’ve submitted; quotes, invoices, and a number of other records that you have related to them in Vtiger.
2. Exchange documents and files
Customers can share documents and files directly through the customer portal, eliminating the need for email threads and manual attachments to their contact records
3. Knowledge Base: quick access to common questions
The customer portal has direct access to your company knowledge base, ensuring that simple questions don’t call for the time of your support team.
4. Create, submit, and update tickets
If the knowledge base isn’t enough to resolve a customer issue, customers can submit cases and attach files directly through the customer portal. Afterward, they can return to view statuses and update information as needed.