Effective Case Handling

Powerful Case Management
Drive agent productivity through the entire case lifecycle from creation and assignment to resolution and closure. The most relevant (as customized by your support team) information pertaining to cases is presented to agents via intuitive views/layouts allowing them to prioritize and focus on what matters most.
1. Multi-channel support
Your customers could reach out at any time across any channel. Vtiger puts you at the ready to help them by automatically creating and assigning cases when appropriate for messages received via email, web-forms, customer portals, Twitter, phone calls, and chat.
2. Complete case histories at a glance
Get up to speed with every case instantly with a chronologically ordered case history that includes all interactions.
3. Automatic case assignment
Answer every call for help, promptly. Vtiger can automatically assign cases to an agent or a group of agents. Alternatively, assign cases manually while using metrics like agent load and availability to assign
4. Prioritize cases
Customize lists of cases using any case data. Whether it’s by SLA, issue category, a customer code, or any other criteria of your choice, use lists to see and prioritize cases based on the factors that matter most to your business.
5. Never fall behind on a case
On-screen and email alerts and automatic escalations ensure that key cases are prioritized, and that you and other stakeholders know when a case or related task needs attention