Gitex Technology Week 2016


Re-imagining realities, Cutting edge technologies and experiences
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Chamber of Information and Communication Technology and Telecommunication Industry CIT "Watan Rakamy 2016"


Targets and the yield of the conference is Business development companies members of the Chamber of Information and Communications Technology and Telecommunication Industry "Development of domestic demand"

Tamkeen 2016


Tamkeen fourm for integration of disabled people in society, provide them with employment opportunities and provide services and care for them

Jussor forum 2016


Jussor fourm enabled us to exchange ideas, experiences and cooperation and participation with the Moroccan companies to provide products and services as well as call centers and operations management using online technologies

Cairo ICT 2015


Cairo ICT brings along the solution to the right mix of audience from government to business, from real estate developers to education professionals and from bankers to individuals seeking to build on the new hype

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