Call Recorder

Interactive Voice Response
21 April,2016

CUBEX RECORDER = Record Performance

CUBEX Recorder is a multi-user, multi-site system that provides a proven superior sound quality and minimal storage space.

CUBEX Recorder records all incoming/outing calls on all types of Trunk Lines (Analog / PCM-R2 / ISDN -PRI), Radio, and all types of extension (Analog / Digital / or any H323/SIP terminal).

CUBEX Recorder Archives all calls to remain accessible as long as possible. Archiving adds compliance, dispute resolution, and data mine of market information.

CUBEX Recorder solution used in highly demanding environments , including contact centers, banking application ,hospitality and reservation offices, security offices, and Dept Collection Centers. when cries of “He said, she said…” are heard, it’s easy to say, “Let’s see what really happened.”

Why CUBEX Recorder?

• Advanced flexible storage, Reporting and archiving capabilities • Selective recording • Complex search capabilities for call recording retrieval (by unit, channel, date, time, ranges, phone number(s), duration, combinations of above).

• Automatic gain control.

• Scalable for integrating database from various telephone and mobile service providers.

• Comprehensive printing features for printing results based on various searches.

• Graphical representation of calls on a particular target.

• Network Management System, to monitor all sites from a single place, inside, or outside your organization.

• Indicators for line activity.

• Automatic visual indication for both fax & audio type of sessions

• Disk usage alarm settings.

• Fax recording and decoding for G.711, V.21, V.27, V.29, V.17, T.30, T.4 and T.6 Recommendations.

• Call recording systems Support Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP (for client side).

• Recorded call transmission via email, upload to FTP site, and mirroring.

• Storage at 64, 36, 25, 18, 13, 9, 8 and 1 kbps.

• Support for caller ID, DTMF / FSK

• Multi-level security for different users and groups eliminates unauthorized access to recorded interactions.

• Monitoring &alarm notification

• Flexible recording modes

• Real time listening and monitoring

• Call Type Analysis

Who needs CUBEX Recorder?

Customer satisfaction, as a driving force, or a priority concern, is known as the marketing concept and may be applied to almost all types of organization

- Call Centers, ISPs, and Telecom Operators

- Financial Service providers, Banking, Insurance, and Dept Collectors

- Hotels, Hospitals, tourist, and reservation agencies

- Security, Police, Aviation, and Governmental organizations.

The changing culture that businesses operate in today has brought forth a necessity for documentation. One of the clearest and simplest forms of documentation is call recording. Employees who know they are being recorded will perform better, customers who know they are being recorded will feel secure that they are receiving accurate information, and regulatory bodies who know that recordings are taking place will approve the security of the institution. CUBEX Recorder provides a user-friendly, wide-ranging, customizable tool to assist any business in navigating today’s business world.
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