Cubex CRM

3 February,2016
    Why the future is MAX CRM used with soft phone integrates in the same interface.

    MAX CRM helping agent to handle calls and retrieve customer’s data in the same time and same interface.

    MAX CRM filter customers calls by caller ID or customer ID which increase QOS.

    The MAX CRM provides a complete integration between pre-sales, post-sales, procurement, fulfillment, and other business processes within your organization.

    MAX CRM provides Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Account & Contact Management, and Reports & Dashboards specifically useful for your organization's sales team.

    You can also use other sales force automation-related modules, such as Activity Management (including Calendaring), Product Management, Inventory Management, File Attachments, and others.

    Marketing manager:
    • The CRM supports your marketing efforts with a Campaign module. To work with a campaign, open it by clicking the name at the list view the master data you just entered, are displayed immediately.

    • You may add individual contacts, leads, potentials or activities to your campaign. Or, you may load existing contact lists or lead lists to your campaign by making the proper selection.

    Sales Manger:
    • The CRM system has been designed to support you in all phases of your sales cycles, starting with leads up to closed businesses by integrating all relevant data.

    • Sales processes are defined differently in each enterprise. Yet, there are commonPrinciples for the work flow, which the CRM system represents.

    • Use the CRM's capability to automatically generate a subsequent operation from a given sales phase. You can continue to use the entered data. Only if there is no predecessor, you may chose to enter the information to a sales phase directly.

    Support manager:
    • The CRM system offers comfortable possibilities to maintain the valuable customer Relationships after a business transaction has been made, by offering support Functions.

    • The CRM's capabilities of providing FAQ as well as tickets are extended by the Customer Portal functions. In the CRM terminology, tickets are any kind of customer service requests As they occur after sales.