Mobile Dashboards

Telematch Call Center
17 April,2016
CUBEX Contact Center
17 March,2016
• Provides limitless reports and charts that support the process of decision-making, providing a timely statistic about business process and notify supervisor via email or SMS alerts.

• Operational performance to be managed in real time.

• Allows issues to be solved before they impact customers and revenues.

Mobile Dashboards:
• Automatic Notifications, warnings through multimedia communications Send email or SMS, in case of hazards, or noncompliance of criteria Notifying agents with vacations approval, supervisor hints and assigned tasks through Notifications Bar.

• Automatic Attendance, Absence management and Vacations requests.

• Automatically assigning work orders within predefined zones to particular Employees Visual Operations, Planning, Monitoring, and Control.

Tablet Dashboards:
• Enable choice of a set of Analytics, that related to various company activities, just long press requested zone, choose requested analytic, and instantaneous keep track of company productivity levels.

• Individual and group overall evaluations Give clear vision about team contribution and competencies inside company.

• Interactive Display, KPIs measures for Project Progress, Service Level, QOS and Achieved Target, HR activities Diagnosis, Customers and evaluations.

• Immediate Corrective Actions, instant monitoring, reporting, and coaching your teams, daily activities will turn new opportunities.