Service Strategy

3CX Web Meeting
19 April,2016
Cloud Contact Center
18 April,2016
Service Work Planning:
The purpose of Work Planning (WP) is to establish and maintain plans that define work activities

• Clearly defined services strategy

• Formal planning and estimation techniques used and follow systematic mechanisms

• Clear budget (accurate effort estimation) for the project, especially for the internal tasks

• Risks and issues are identified

• Planning for resources allocation knowledge and skills .etc., are done in a systematic manner

Service Work Monitoring and Control (WMC):
The purpose of Work Monitoring and Control (WMC) is to provide an understanding of the ongoing work so that appropriate corrective actions can be taken when the performance deviates significantly from the plan.

Meet and exceed customer expectation Consistent and follow systematic logic, keep tracking for service delivery status 

Potential Service Capability of our company:

1. Service Reliability: Accurate and Dependable, Keeps Promises,

2. Service Recovery: Returning and Loyal Customers

3. Service Fairness: Ethics and keeping customer Secrets, is a major intention ( Like Financial Data)

Quality Assurance:

• 1 Weekly review of company/customer overall operation compliance

• Escalation procedure to ensure clearance of any malfunction within 48 hours


• Quality assurance resident specialist

• Immediate notifications for higher levels of management in case of non conformity

• Escalation to the Operation Manager after second corrective action ( in case of failure)

• Customer can feed back his opinion/ testimony after service delivered on web site

Availability, Price:

• Effective 24/7/365, according to service level agreement

• This service is free of charge for all MT customers, during Installation, warranty period, and during maintenance contracts.