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Main Telecom was founded in 2001 after 15 years of field expertise. We have more than 20 Applications in Contact Centers, Business Process Automation, and Key Performance Indicators.
Popular Features
  • Unified Agent Desktop

  • Social Media: Twitter, FB, WhatsApp, Instagram

  • Mobile App SDK

  • Integrated Chatbot

  • Knowledge Base, CMS

Popular Features
  • Quality Monitoring& Reporting
  • Instant Corrective Actions

  • Competition Analysis

  • Group Motivation, Self Evaluation& Wall Boards

  • Outbound Marketing via Automatic Dialer

Popular Features
  • Online Help Desk ticketing, Knowledge Base

  • Sales Force Automation

  • Surveys& Loyalty Programs

  • Brand Reputation Management

  • Track financial Growth

Popular Features
  • Customer Relationship Management CRM

  • Quality Assurance periodical Audit

  • Escalation Procedure, and workflows

  • Productivity tools ( Admin-Trouble Tickets-Calendars-Enhancements-Risks-Issues)

  • Service Level Agreements

Popular Features
  • Opening-Closing Greeting Script

  • Products& Services Evaluation

  • Number and Duration of Overlap/ Silence/MOH

  • Call Type, Trends& Traffic Analysis

  • Competition Analysis

Popular Features
  • Audio& Video Conferencing& Queuing

  • SMS Messaging and Voicemail to email

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call flow Designer

  • Call Detailed Recording, and Reporting

  • Redundancy& High Availability

Popular Features
  • Blinds& Deaf as a call center agents

  • Text to Speech and Voice Streaming

  • Vocal Call Steering via Speech Recognition

  • Integration with medical systems

  • Translation/ Tele-Learning

Popular Features
  • Online-Onsite reservation

  • Pre-Arrival Notifications SMS-MobileApp

  • Wall Boards

  • Reports, Dashboards

  • Multiple branches support

Popular Features
  • Check-in/Out with Map stamp

  • Productivity measurement

  • E-Commerce Integration

  • Loyalty Engine

  • Store and product listing creation

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Voice, Data network design, implementation, software applications, and Service Delivery. Our team consists of technical experts, software developers and business consultants able to tackle the most challenging issues faced by businesses in an era shaped by technology.

Maintelecom Benefits

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  • Find and focus on high potentials that can actually win with help to choose the winning strategy

  • Creates & assign deals schedule meetings and measure performance

  • Visualize pipeline and forecast cash flows, evaluate campaigns

  • Evaluate campaign and internal process

Your will Earn
  • Delight your customer with stage bases target lines and timely automatic escalations

  • Collaborate multiple projects, tasks, issues

  • Customer portal enables trouble tickets case management, share files, FAQ,

  • Earn international service delivery capability recognition (CMMI)

Your will Earn
  • Workforce management optimally plan resources, in a timely manner in order to deliver within commitments

  • Forecasting of workload and required staff

  • Management of working times and accounts

  • Analysis and monitoring of the entire process

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