The great cloud rip off? Per user per month pricing adds up to a hefty bill end of year. Not so with 3CX. We give you a low per year price for all your users. We’ll take care of all updates and monitoring, whether in a shared or dedicated instance for maximum flexibility. We’ve also made it easy to migrate, so you can move your virtual PBX to a self-managed system in your private cloud or on-premise any time you want. Perfect for working remotely, 3CX also includes integrated video conferencing, mobile apps for iOS and Android, live chat and much more.

Cloud doesn’t have to mean expensive!

✓ No per user per month fee. One low yearly cost based on system size.
✓ Save up to 80% on your phone bill with your choice of SIP trunk.
✓ 3CX Free remains free forever for up to 10 users. No hosting fees.
✓ One license covers phone, video and live chat.

Take your work anywhere

✓ Stay in touch with your team & customers from wherever with mobile apps.
✓ Use your office number and make free calls even when on the move.
✓ Connect remote offices and eliminate interoffice call charges.
✓ Web-based interface allows you to manage extensions from anywhere.

Not just calls, live chat too!

✓ with website visitors. Easily switch to a call or video.
✓ Customers call free from the website. No need to copy / paste numbers.
✓ Connect your WhatsApp & FB business page to answer messages from 3CX.
✓ Send & receive business SMS messages from same interface.
✓ Know who’s calling or chatting from the get-go, with CRM integration

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